It has a long tail that is thick at the base, tapers toward the tip and grows to 12 to 19 inches in length. Today, river otter are relatively common throughout Virginia, but the story hasn’t always been this bright for the species. Otters can be found in streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. We provide nuisance otter removal, otter trapping, otter control, otter capture and otter management in the Richmond, VA and Central Virginia areas. Fly fishing and bird hunting specialists based out of Greenbrier County WV. The males are larger than the females. Beginning in March 1988, seventeen river otter were moved from Louisiana to the Cowpasture River in Bath County and additional otter from the Coastal Plain of Virginia were moved west to help supplement the population. or *Used to locate nearby fishing activity. A Virginia Beach businessman fraudulently took $350,000 in coronavirus aid and spent it on himself . Unfortunately, 12 of those 13 species of otters are declining in population, and five are considered endangered. View Map. The James River/Otter Creek recreation area has a campground, restaurant, picnic area, hiking trails and fishing in Otter Lake. They use drift piles and logjams, and are found among tree roots. Families of otter have been observed repeatedly climbing steep banks and sliding down on their belly with their feet and legs turned backward—looks like fun! Otters Guide Service, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. They move gracefully through the water using their webbed feet and an undulating body motion for propulsion and their large muscular tail as a rudder. Located on 19 acres in Bedford, Virginia. River otter have a unique habit of sliding or “tobogganing” down icy or muddy stream banks. When otters eat the clams they get sick. The diet of the river otter throughout its range is primarily fish. Otter Animals available for sale in Virginia from top breeders and individuals. In Virginia, river otters inhabit a variety of habitats along rivers, lakes, streams, marshes and coastal shorelines. Minimum age – 18 When I was a child, one would hear stories about otters– and these would be followed by scoffs that such animals would eat all the game fish. O tter Creek (MP 61) is located at the Parkway's lowest elevation near Virginia's James River. The family group stays together for 6 months-1 year. sign up for exclusive deals. According to the West Virginia DNR, the river that runs through my home county now has a healthy population of the aquatic mustelids living on it.. For professional otter removal, contact us at (804) 729-0046 or toll-free at … Joey is a juvenile sea otter (Enhydra lutris). The range of the river otter is throughout Virginia. If you are looking for Otter for sale be sure that you are well-informed and educated about this lovely creatures. For more information about Virginia’s wildlife and species of concern you can check out the Virginia Wildlife Action Plan. The visitor center offers restrooms, water, and an … This species is semi-aquatic or almost entirely aquatic and they are most abundant in food-rich coastal areas and the lower parts of streams and rivers. Numbers of otters rebounded relatively quickly and the species was removed from the state endangered list in 1990. How did Joey get to you? Three Otters #18 of 19 things to do in Bedford. United States ; Virginia (VA) Bedford ; Things to Do in Bedford ; Three Otters; Search. CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources wants to learn more about the state’s river otter population and is asking trappers for help. © 2020 Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. Locality. Life span for the otter in the wild is usually 8-9 years. The fur is dense, soft, short, and rich brown above, paler below. The North American river otter is the only otter species not facing population decline on a large scale. The male avoids the area of birth but rejoins the family while the young learn to swim. If you've ever wanted an extraordinary pet, fun, independent and adorable otters might be your choice! Mike Fies, furbearer biologist for the Department, continues to track the health and reproductive success of otters with the help of trapper collected specimens and closely watching harvest. River otter populations have now recovered to levels that wildlife biologist deem capable of sustaining trapper harvest once again. Three Otters was built in 1830. It has a wide, rounded head with small ears and long, white whiskers. During the winter, they may leave ponds and lakes that freeze over for the open water of rivers and streams. Although they occupy virtually every stream, wetland, and pond in Virginia, their secretive and mostly-nocturnal nature makes them elusive and difficult to observe. Peak's lakeside lodging in Bedford, VA is the ideal place for a stress-free getaway. Factors t… In fact, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries listed the river otter as state endangered and closed the trapping season west of the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1978. West Virginia has a growing river otter population. Otters are large river mammal in the subfamily Lutrinae that can grow up to 30+ pounds and almost 4 feet long. CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources wants to learn more about the state’s river otter population and is asking trappers for help. The river otter is the largest member of the weasel family found in West Virginia. Best nearby. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also available at … Also includes an“otter- graphed” painting and Nurtured by Nature T-shirt. Stay at the only hotel on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. The river otter is protected and insulated by a thick, water-repellent coat of fur. It boasts thousands of fruit trees, grape vines, creeks, ponds and majestic views. Visit Site. In evenings, otters are secured in a den out of camera view. This program is a 3-4 hour group guided tour that includes 45 minutes – 1hour in the pool with our awesome otters and interaction with at least 7 different species of animals. River otters range from 10-25 lbs, with males larger than females. Suitable habitat for river otters is any wetland that provides adjacent bank vegetation, burrow sites, and a food supply. Otters are mostly active at night, or at dawn or dusk, but can be out and about during the day as well, especially in colder months. Already have an account? Three Otters Eco Retreat, LLC offers a nurturing environment where visitors can unwind with family and friends in a gorgeous wilderness setting. otter & oak 302 2nd avenue hinton, wv 25951 304-466-4870. thanks for subscribing! All 13 species of otters are wild animals, extremely sensitive to environmental changes, and are a marking, latrine species. Find Otter Animals on Otters come from the subfamily of Lutrinae that has around 13 species like Asian small-clawed otter, sea otter, giant otter etc. The river otter has a long, streamlined body with dense brown fur. ... Otters play in the dust along a road within the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Being so close to both Roanoke and Bedford, VA, one can also combine activities like movies with an "outdoor" vacation. The breeding season is about 3 months in the late winter and early spring.